Kid Cudi Speaks On Song That He Scrapped Because Fans Didn’t Like The Snippet At All

When you’re an artist as big, creative, and adventurous as Kid Cudi, not all your songs and albums will hit for your entire audience. In fact, he has more than a few in his discography that fans straight up flamed, although some eventually realized their worth that they didn’t understand at the time. Still, sometimes you just swing and miss, but the Cleveland native isn’t ashamed of those misses at all. Moreover, he recently responded to a fan that asked whether people recall when he uploaded a song snippet on TikTok that got so clowned on that he took it down.

“Yes I do!!” Kid Cudi responded to the Twitter user’s question with a laughing emoji. “Im not ashamed of this, I still like the song actually, just wasnt what the people were lookin for. Its all good, when INSANO drops, we’ll see whats what.” Actually, it’s a bit unclear whether the Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven artist left the song in the dust or if he just deleted the snippet and still plans to release the song. Either way, it’s a calm, fair, and understanding way of responding to negative fan feedback.

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Kid Cudi Reflects On Deleted Song Snippet

After all, this is the kind of positivity and playful attitude that Kid Cudi always embodies. For example, when he hopped on the McDonald’s Grimace shake trend and fans thought he was too old to tweet that it gave him “poopy pants,” his response was unfazed. “Soooo im suppose to like, lose my childlike spirit becuz im almost 40??” the 39-year-old tweeted. “Maybe thatll be ur sad fate my friend, but ima be a happy silly dude til im old and grey.

“I see people dont get my humor and thats ok but dont be an a**hole on here cuz im being myself,” he continued. “I dont care what anyone thinks, ima always be myself. My silly goofy self. And my friends and family love me for it. As u get older life sucks ur soul from u bit by bit and u lose that light u had inside when u were a kid. Ive always fought to preserve this spirit becuz I knew I didnt want to lose it.” On that note, stick around for more news and the latest updates on Kid Cudi.

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