Chrisean Rock’s Water Broke Days Ago She Says During Delivery Room Live Stream

There’s not much of her life that 23-year-old Chrisean Rock doesn’t share with the world. Still, we certainly weren’t expecting to see her going Live on Instagram upon arriving at the hospital earlier today. During a separate stream, the Baddies cast member shared that she’s been experiencing contractions all morning. They’ve only gotten more intense as the day goes on. The unique position Rock placed herself in on the ride to the hospital had many women speculating that her baby boy will soon be arriving. However, it’s unclear if Blueface will be joining her at the hospital.

Once she got checked in and settled in her delivery room, Rock resumed streaming her exciting day with fans. Thankfully the doctors on her team appear to have a great sense of humour. They were even joking with the black-haired beauty about some of the less glamorous aspects of their job. “You know how cardiologists do hearts? Well, we do vaginas!” one of the women declared from off-camera after Chrisean complained about the awkwardness of being so exposed.

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Chrisean Rock Takes Us Into the Delivery Room with Her

Elsewhere in the hospital room, Rock revealed that her water actually broke two days ago, but she wasn’t aware what was happening. “It was like a slow leak,” the reality starlet recalled. “I just thought my pu**y was wet.” On the bright side, she’s now in the hands of other women working hard to make her first experience of giving birth go as smoothly as possible.

While doing some checks earlier this afternoon, the midwife assessed that the Cr*zy In Love star is four cm dilated. Once she reaches 10 she’ll be able to safely start pushing her baby boy out, making Blueface a father of three.

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Also Reveals That Her Water Broke Days Ago

How much of Chrisean Rock’s labour do you think she’ll live stream to the world via Instagram? Make your bets in the comments, and check in later for any updates on the arrival of her and Blueface’s firstborn child.