YNW Melly Juror Calls Murder Case “A Really Bad Situation Of Being Framed”

YNW Melly is currently behind bars awaiting his second murder trial. The 24-year-old is accused of killing two YNW associates, SakChaser and Juvy, back in 2018. His defense claims that the young men were killed as a result of a drive-by shooting, however, prosecutors believe he shot them from within the vehicle. If he’s convicted, he could be facing the death penalty. In July, jurors were unable to come to a unanimous decision as to whether or not he’s guilty, leading the judge to rule a mistrial.

Now, one of the jurors from the first trial has come forward, making some serious claims about the case. The anonymous juror has alleged that Melly was framed for double murder. “I believe that he didn’t do it and it wasn’t proved in court,” they explained. “This was a really bad situation of being framed.” The former juror further claims that “Melly was a very good person,” adding that he “always tried to help out people around him.”

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Juror Says “Melly Was A Very Good Person”

At the beginning of last month, a former juror also said that jury manipulation is what led to the mistrial. They accused one woman on the jury of being “explosive and “manipulative,” further claiming that she’d go off on other jurors who didn’t share her same opinion. According to the juror, she was set on acquitting Melly. In August, the lead detective on Melly’s case, Detective M. Moretti, also had a motion filed against him for allegedly using “excessive force” on a witness.

Melly’s retrial is scheduled to begin in October. The rapper now only needs an 8-4 vote in order to give him the death penalty under Florida state law. In October, YNW Bortlen will also begin his own trial. He drove the victims to the hospital the evening of the shooting, and was also the only living person believed to have been with Melly at the time. According to Bryson “Boom” Paul, Melly will appear in court on September 15 to discuss his request for bond. Keep an eye on HNHH for more updates on YNW Melly.

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