Kodak Black Beefs With 1090 Jake Over 6ix9ine Collab

1090 Jake recently hopped on social media to break down some of the lyrics of 6ix9ine’s new collab with Kodak Black, “Shaka Laka.” The track also features Yailin la Mas Viral, who’s rumored to be 6ix9ine’s girlfriend. “Shaka Laka” has managed to get a good amount of attention, mostly due to Kodak Black’s willingness to collaborate with an alleged “snitch.” Various commentators and other artists have weighed in on the collab, with many feeling as though Kodak Black shouldn’t have worked with 6ix9ine.

1090 Jake also offered Kodak Black an opportunity to break down his own side of the story in an interview. Unfortunately, Kodak Black doesn’t appear to have taken too kindly to the offer. The rapper later responded to the request on Instagram Live, claiming that 1090 Jake is “snitchin.’” “You f*ck n***as don’t know me, I swear to God,” he added. This prompted 1090 Jake to get back on social media, further insinuating that Kodak Black is a “snitch.”

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Kodak Black Calls 1090 Jake A “Snitch”

“You made a video dissing me, saying I’m ‘snitching’ for talking about the lyrics that ‘somebody lost their b*tch to 6ix9ine,’” 1090 Jake begins. He then goes on to point out some previous reports about Kodak Black. He emphasizes how some of Kodak Black’s previous claims “could actually result in somebody getting arrested.”

“Now I wanted to interview Kodak to be a voice for the bros that’s behind the wall that can’t ask the questions that I was gonna ask,” he explains. “But instead you decided to take it to Instagram, even though Adam 22 was already in communications with you about setting up the interview.” 1090 Jake also says that he didn’t ever plan on the situation getting this heated, claiming that it’s Kodak Black’s fault. “The only reason there’s any negativity going on now,” he says, “is because you decided to do a video with a rat.”

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