Benjamin III

Benjamin III Unveils New Visualizers For His Latest Three-Track EP: Wounds

South African musician, Benjamin III, puts his heart and soul on display with new introspective visualizers for his recently released EP, Wounds. Channeling the transformative influence of Kendrick Lamar’s iconic album, Section.80, this 3-track record – featuring the title song along with “Open” and “Wide,” – delves into the profound depths of his thoughts and feelings. The fast-rising singer, rapper, and songwriter grants listeners access to his emotional journey of inner healing and self-discovery.

Benjamin III takes the reins as the director for the captivating visuals of “Wide.” The video opens with him enclosed in a narrow frame, while a soul-cleansing choir sets the tone with the compelling chant, “Show Me Your Pain.” Employing an array of shapeshifting and distorted effects, the skilled singer cleverly brings to life the very essence of the song, vividly capturing the emotions embedded within the lyrics.

“I’ve been wounded by you/ family, friends, enemies, even you Grace, but then/ I realize who has wounded me most/ And I must confess/ It’s me/ It’s me/ Me/ Me,” sings Benjamin as the camera zooms in for a close-up, driving home the core message: the most profound wounds originate not from external forces but from within one’s self.

The imagery of “Wounds” intricately expands upon the themes portrayed in “Wide,” getting deeper into matters of faith and the complexities of the human experience. Benjamin III beautifully elaborates on these ideas in the first verse: “Where have you been?/ What do you want from me?/ How long will you stay?/ I don’t mean to bleed/ But I long for you and/ You don’t know what I’ve/ Been going through, my, I’m trying to try.” 

In “Open,” the artist showcases his rap finesse and seamless flow, baring his soul as he intimately shares the profound impact of his grandmother’s loss on his life: “I’ll show you the thorn crushing my flesh/ Cutting through every cell with incisions digging for mess/ A profitable prison barring my prominent crookedness/ Cooking prophecies in my pocket when the preacher pivots for death/ When I show you that I’m a mess/ Are you willing to still invest.”

Crafting his songs with an authentic understanding of the human experience, Benjamin III  connects deeply with the feelings of others and empathizes with their personal journeys. Inspired by the influential sounds of Michael Jackson, Miriam Makeba, Lauryn Hill, Fela Kuti, Tupac Shakur, and Kendrick Lamar, the artist’s music serves as a channel to deliver genuine emotions that deeply resonate with the listeners.

Watch the visualizers below:

Listen to the full EP here: