Viral TikTok Star PinkyDoll Shoots Her Shot With Drake

By now, you probably know who PinkyDoll is. She has found fame on TikTok with her “NPC Streams”. The content is focused around PinkyDoll repeating mundane actions and phrases in a manner similar to that of a character in a video game. “I was just being cute,” PinkyDoll told The New York Times. “I remember someone saying, ‘Oh my God, you look like an NPC.’ And then they start sending me, like, cr*zy money.” While PinkyDoll may not have initially started the content as a backdoor fetish, that is where it was taken by many people. The idea of a conventionally attractive individual performing “scripted actions” and responding positively to “player engagement” ticks the few boxes for a number of popular fetishes and kinks. However, PinkyDoll has been able to turn her viral trend into a lucrative business.

According to the interview with the NYT, PinkyDoll claims to be making $7000 a day. Meanwhile, she has leveraged her fame to try and get the attention of other creators. In one recent video, PinkyDoll pushed for a collab with Ice Spice. However, her next celebrity target appears to be more of a romantic one, with the TikTok star shooting her shot at Drake.

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PinkyDoll Shouts Out Drake

In a video posted on July 30, PinkyDoll appeared to shoot her shot at the Toronto rapper. “Yo I was swimming on TikTok when I found a video of Drake saying this,” PinkyDoll began before playing a clip of Drake’s interview with Bobbi Althoff. In the clip Drake says, of his romantic partners, he likes someone with a sense of humor and cosplay. “Cosplay! Cosplay! Yes! Got me feeling like a cowboy! Yes! I’m so ready! Ice cream! Yes yes yes! Call me!,” PinkyDoll continued finishing with now-signature phrase.

It’s clear that PinkyDoll is trying to make her moment in the spotlight last as long as she can. Arguably, her moment came to an end on July 21 when she made a video appearing to announce that she had accepted an offer from Hollywood. This led to PinkyDoll being branded as a scab for offering a studio offer in the midst of the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes.