Lil Baby Vows To Bring $5M Cash To Gillie Da Kid & Wallo’s Podcast

During a recent episode of Gillie Da Kid and Wallo’s Million Dollaz Worth Of Game podcast, they chatted on the phone with Lil Baby. It’s no secret that the Atlanta native earns a solid living from his rap career, however, it remains surprising just how much money he actually has. During his conversation with Gillie and Wallo, he told them that he’d bring over some cash when he comes for an interview- $5 million to be exact.

“Say no more,” Wallo responded, “$5 million dollaz worth of game.” Gillie added, “These n***as rich rich.” Reportedly, Lil Baby makes around $1 million per show these days, so coming up with that kind of money shouldn’t be a problem for him. It took him a while to get to the point he’s at now, however, as he was making far less back in 2017.

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Lil Baby Proves He’s “Rich Rich”

Earlier this week, the performer unveiled a spreadsheet of what he made off of performances that year, which many fans found to be motivational. At that time, his show prices were nowhere near $1 million, though his payday was still pretty significant. “Stay down keep grinding,” he told his followers, encouraging them to continue working towards their goals. Clearly, Lil Baby lives comfortably with his healthy income, but he doesn’t keep it all just for himself.

Ralo was released from prison this month after serving around six years on drug charges. He dropped a new track called “First Day Out” when he was released, revealing the various friends who held him down throughout his prison stay. He claimed that Lil Baby gave him $50K, which the rapper later doubled. What do you think of Lil Baby vowing to bring $5 million in cash to Gilla Da Kid and Wallo’s podcast? Do you think he’ll actually do it? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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