New “Baddies” Episode Preview: All-Out Brawl With Sukihana, Smiley & More

Zeus Network’s Baddies East is seemingly getting more chaotic by the episode, and fans are eating it all up. Moreover, the preview for Sunday’s new episode (November 26) dealt with a couple of different narratives during its short length. Of course, a lot of these involve the scuffles and struggles with the cast members and people taking sides in these scuffles. One of them is a failed club outing out on the town, and another is their trip to New York. Even with just a small peek at what will go down this week, we can expect this hectic and wild energy to continue all throughout the rest of the season, and even escalate.

Furthermore, it looks like one of the big fights on this new Baddies episode will be between Sapphire and Mariah Lynn, who’s had her fair share of brawls leading up to this moment. Specifically, it seems like Sapphire wanted to fight for Lynn’s chain following a lot of animosity between her and other cast members. It’s unclear whether other forces played a part here, but we’ll tune in tomorrow to find out.

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New Baddies East Episode Preview: Watch

On the other hand, the Baddies preview also shows a fight between Sapphire, Sukihana (one of the crew’s new members), and Smiley, who actually didn’t want to fight at all. Regardless, tensions flared up because she claimed via social media that Suki and Sapphire jumped her, which they took issue with. Eventually, they all confronted each other about it, and they eschewed any claims of attacks and proved it to the cameras. After all, there’s no better way to back up a false claim than by making it true when you get the chance.

Jokes aside, one of the entertaining parts of this show (if you like this type of content, anyway) is seeing in just how many places these stars can duke it out. Not even go-kart tracks are safe from the chaos, and it makes for some wild moments. We’ll see what else this Sunday’s episode holds for fans, and how it’ll keep getting wilder. For more news and the latest updates on Baddies East, stay up to date on HNHH.

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