Lomijoh Empowers Women With Her Kick-In-Your-Teeth Strong And Fierce Flow On New Track ‘Lil Bossy’

On her second released single, Lomijoh tunes up her sound and settles on the Hip-Hop genre. The French model, singer, and songwriter has left her comfort zone and shoots lines of women empowerment and has exposed her bossy attitude. On ‘Lil Bossy,’ she takes her sassiness to the streets to fight for women’s rights with her kick-in-your-teeth strong and fierce flow. 

Lomijoh’s previous release, an outstanding debut single, entitled ‘Don’t Let It Go’ brought quite a buzz around her, as she dropped a classic smooth soul ballad that made you feel like texting your ex. Now, on ‘Lil Bossy’ she encourages you to let go and be your own lady boss. It’s truly impressive how Lomijoh maneuvers freely between genres and we are psyched to see what she will serve next. 

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