Losk33 And Foogiano’s Collaboration Created The Solid Track, “Lord Have Mercy”

Upbeat melodies and real-life lyrics disrupt the rap game through Losk33’s “Lord Have Mercy” featuring Foogiano. The release is undoubtedly Losk33’s most powerful display of skills up to date. By joining forces with Foogiano, the artist who released “MOLLY (BABY MAMA)”, which was streamed over 4M times on Spotify, seems to be a great match. 

The track combines unapologetic and eclectic styles with flawless lyrical flows.  The rapper explains, “It was a gift from God. Immediately after hearing the instrumental, something came over me. Ran through it a few more times, put pen to paper and the rest is history.” 

The rapper describes his own perplexing Hip-Hop subgenre as ‘Testimonial Turn Up,’ for the realness and high energy of his sound. Before being inspired by his cousin to begin rapping, the artist experimented with a multitude of instruments. The track is a great example of modern-day rap, surgically compiled, and executed with great power. 

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