Meet Rising Star Hogy De Oso

With the drop of the new Ep Bongs, Blunt’s, And Paperzz it’s been doing well. For being out for about a month now it’s come in hot and acquired 59,796 streams which is a day that’s an accomplishment. As far as streams because my last album took almost a year to hit 100k streams, so with this momentum I’m definitely happy to see the progression. So I definitely like to see the Ep hit 100 soon. I’d say the best track of the Ep is “Loud” especially if you are a smoker and you smoking on that fire. It goes bout how we smoke that Za and stack that cash. Also gotta shout out to my marketing team and going into the future Just gotta keep growing and evolving with the music industry and stay close to my marketing team. In this industry, you can’t lack your serious go and get it. Also if you’re wondering about new content I do have new content coming soon I got a couple of singles from the new two-piece album. The next project gonna be a two-piece one part gonna be called “Who Is Hogy” while pt2 is gonna be “Becoming De Oso”. I will try to explore and find my sound and experiment with new styles and sounds. Stay tuned like I said ima be dropping a lot more singles before the album. Love to all my fans, stay blowing that Loud and getting to that bag!!!

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