Mekke’l Carter drops her Slowed & Sexy R&B Banger “Nature”

me Mekke’l Carter drops her Slowed & Sexy R&B Banger “Nature”

The track features hard hitting 808’s accompanied by a church organ sample as Mekke’l seductively foreshadows what she’s going to do with her partner intimately. 

Mekke’l sings lush harmonies and lyrics like“You know I appreciate ya, We chillin’ sipping spirits smoking nature” Adding her spiritual touch to the track.

I actually wrote this song a few years back with my producer “Fya Man” a legendary pioneer that was instrumental in the Chicago Drill music scene, and my songwriting mentor and 6x Grammy Award winner Malik Yusef. It was around the time that Malik was working with Drake on his album “More Life” and placed the song “Glow” ft. Kanye on his album. So around that time I originally wrote the song with Drake in mind or a dope male artist singing it, then some time passed by and I was working with Kelly Rowland on her album and she really liked the song and wanted it. So I ended up changing the hook to fit a female perspective. Lyrics went from “ The way she keep bouncing that ass like that, toss a couple dollars and she threw it right back, she make me wanna take her home just like that, she got that Thank you, Lord”. When Kelly wanted the song, I changed the lyrics of the hook to “Imma look back while I toss it in the air, where them panties go, damn lost another pair, ooh we getting kinky so is my hair, he got that Thank you, Lord”

Stream “Nature” by Mekke’l Carter available on ALL platforms.https://ps.onerpm.com/9829316527

Nature-Single-Artwork-3 Mekke’l Carter drops her Slowed & Sexy R&B Banger “Nature”

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