Mugzz is a Free Spirit on the Amusing Single “O.P.P”

Essex rapper Mugzz keeps his tongue in cheek on his latest single, “O.P.P”, a track that dares to take a risk.

There is plenty to like about Mugzz’s “O.P.P”. Backed by a Scott Storch-inspired beat (prod. OJ & Mukuba), “O.P.P” carries the most free spirit you will hear in a UK rap song all year. Mugzz brings left-field flows, jocular bar and cultural references to a track that knows how to enjoy itself. The muffled mutter to Mugzz’s delivery has flashes of 50 Cent, with humour that can be likened to MoStack and J Hus. The energy’s matched in the track’s music video, coming together as full package that knows exactly what it’s shooting for.

With a song like “O.P.P”, there’s personality for days. Mugzz is bringing something fresh to the UK scene, taking risks while cranking the entertainment factor up all the way.

Watch the music video to Mugzz’s “O.P.P” below.

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