Shakes is the Youngest in Charge on New Single “100K”

Fifteen-year-old rapper Shakes preps his breakthrough on the new single, “100K”, a relentless display of raw rap talent.

Hailing from South London, Shakes is gradually establishing his name without breaking a sweat. His new song and music video shows exactly why he means business. Just his second drop of the year, “100K” is a high-energy flex of militant flows, slick wordplay and pure confidence. Its title references the online success of his Spit in the Streets performance, quickly massing 100,000 plays on TikTok before sitting at half a million plays (“100K on my TikTok, please, ain’t even been 24”). On “100K”, Shakes raps better than rappers twice his age, never missing a beat as he skips through meditated rhyme schemes. The production may not be grime, but Shakes certainly carries the essence of a grime emcee, his cadence always in the right pockets to satisfy any type of listener.

In June, the young rapper participated in and won The Block Report’s open mic competition, impressing the live crowd enough to earn several reloads, as well as drawing positive feedback from industry journalists and veteran rappers Youngs Teflon and Tiny Boost.

“100K” validates Shakes’s claim as the youngest in charge; a determined, talented emcee ready to take the game by the collar.

Watch the music video for Shakes’s “100K” below.

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