Natty Wylah – BRUCE [Video]

Natty Wylah’s dynamic strand of alternative hip hop is facilitated and vitalised by Britxon producer Srigala on ‘BRUCE’. The new single is the title track from the rappers upcoming mixtape and follows a stream of progressive, exciting singles. A lyrical virtuoso in the UK underground scene, Natty has the integral and lavish ability to touch upon many motifs and ideologies in his writing, whilst remaining thematically potent. 

The jazz infused, mercurial instrumental induces a serene sonic palette swimming with sentiment and colour. Gorgeous, watery keys and subdued synths combine with somewhat off kilter percussion to create a soundscape that co-exists as both urgent and intimate simultaneously. The dream-like timbre is further by ambiguous imagery, overflowing with references of literature and nature. There are mentions of Treasure Island’s Hispaniola and allusions of breaking away from conformity, fused together with themes of empowerment and an artists overawing ambition; all delivered with grit and delicacy in equal measure. 

A pragmatic collaboration from two of the most compelling individuals in their respective fields, Natty Wylah and Srigala have united here to make a thought-provoking and poetic piece of art. 

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