NBA YoungBoy Surprises Fans With Generous Gift: Watch

This week, NBA YoungBoy decided to bless some lucky fans in time for the holidays, just because. In a new clip, a couple and their small child are seen in a Target parking lot, accompanied by one of the rapper’s security guards. Confused and excited, the pair chatted with the guard, who let them know that YB wanted them to stick around momentarily so that he could surprise them with a gift.

“This is f*cking cr*zy!” the woman said, both her and her partner giddy over the gift. NBA YoungBoy finally ran out of the store, approaching them and handing the man a stack of cash. Apparently, “the vision” of the young family made the Baton Rouge native happy. He figured the least he could do was provide them with a bit of extra spending money around Christmas time.

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NBA YoungBoy Gives Couple Some Cash For The Holidays

The man enthusiastically boasted that NBA YoungBoy “gave [him] some cash,” prompting his partner to correct him. “It’s our cash,” she emphasized. The duo certainly appreciated the sweet gesture, beaming from ear to ear as they accepted the money. The rapper is clearly in a great mood as of late, which might have something to do with the latest development in the 24-year-old’s legal battle.

On Monday, Judge Shelly D. Dick permitted YB to leave his Utah home for medical appointments moving forward. While it may seem like only a small win, he’s been petitioning for his house arrest restrictions to be loosened for years now, citing his declining mental health. “The defendant is restricted to 24-hour a day lock-down at his residence except for medical appointments and court appearances or other activities specifically approved in advance by the Defendant’s pretrial supervision officer,” the ruling states. What do you think of NBA YoungBoy blessing a lucky couple with some cash just in time for the holidays? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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