Vin Diesel Sued For Sexual Battery By Former Assistant

Asta Jonasson, Vin Diesel’s former assistant, is reportedly suing the actor for sexual battery. Jonasson claims while serving as Diesel’s personal assistant on Fast Five, she was sexually assaulted by the actor in a Georgia hotel room. According to Johnson’s suit, she was present for a hotel suite party in which Diesel was entertaining a number of women. However, after the last woman left, Diesel reportedly assaulted Jonasson. The assault allegedly happened when she tried to get Diesel to discreetly leave the hotel.

According to Jonasson, Diesel forcibly grabbed her and kissed her without consent while also allegedly groping her breast. Johnson’s suit goes on to allege that Diesel lifted up her dress and attempted to pull down her underwear while pinning her against a wall and placing her hand on his erection. Diesel then reportedly masturbated on her before leaving. Hours after the alleged assault, Jonasson said she received a call from Diesel’s sister. Samantha Vincent also serves as the president of his production company. During that call, Jonasson was abruptly fired from her job, which she alleges was due to her resistance to Diesel’s assault. Diesel is yet to respond to the allegations.

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Solange’s Son’s Sex Tape Leaks

The news about Vin Diesel broke the same day that another sex-related scandal went viral. A sex tape seemingly involving Beyoncé’s nephew Julez Smith and actress Skai Jackson was leaked earlier this week. It is unclear who originally released the video, but many of Beyoncé’s fans have taken to blaming Smith for “embarrassing” his famous family. “Beyonce kick this boy out the Knowles family embarrassing Royalty like that. Julez Smith gtfoh the internet with this. You too rich. Solonge get ya child,” one fan wrote on X, formerly Twitter.

However, neither Smith’s nor Jackson’s identity has been confirmed at this time. Neither party has addressed the video at the time of writing. Furthermore, with deep fake technology becoming more and more sophisticated, it cannot be objectively stated at this time that the video does feature Smith and Jackson. This remains a developing story and we’ll have any updates as and when they emerge.

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