Nicki Minaj Says Drake and Lil Wayne Washed Her on Seeing Green

Nicki Minaj is showing her humility.

On Friday, the rap queen released her 2009 mixtape Beam Me Up Scotty to streaming services for the first time featuring three new tracks including Seeing Green with Drake and Lil Wayne.

In a Q&A with fans, Nicki said that her Young Money brothers washed her on the track, and shes not afraid to admit it.

All I know is that they washed me on #SeeingGreen, tweeted Nicki. Im a woman enough to admit when Ive been washed on a track by the Greats.

However, Nicki feels that she has outshined Drizzy and Weezy on their past collaborations. And its ok #Barbz Ive washed them b4. Well live through this one, she said, adding, I was still a lil rusty I washed them in my head on #Fractions.

She also revealed that she recorded around seven different versions of Seeing Green before settling on her verse. Honestly I kept coming back to it for like a week. I have like 7 diff versions of my verse on that song, she told fans.

During her Instagram Live on Thursday night, Nicki said that it was Drake who helped her overcome her writers block after she gave birth. He single handedly got me out of my writers block, and Im never gonna forget it and Im gonna shout it to the fu**ing world from the mountain tops, said Nicki. Hes a fu**in genius as a musical artist but also as a human.

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