Nothing Ain't Free

Photo Credit:  Ortiz-Arenas

Photo Credit: Ortiz-Arenas

Kofi Stone lands with intent on his latest song ‘Nothing Ain’t Free’. This new track is a fine display of what we have become accustomed to with along his journey – his sound on this brings forth a classic chilled hip-hop beat, the sort you can imagine Q-Tip flowing on, with the approach that carefully considers balance – the artistic, poetic lyrics and authenticity is profound in his work.

There’s a real skill to his delivery on ‘Nothing Ain’t Free’, his continuous flows and wordplays have you hanging on to every word, whilst the beat remains simple and relaxed; slow enough for that ‘carefully listening head bop’ – you know the one I’m on about, the one where your concentration on the words take hold and the drums have you screwing your face, nodding to the rhythm and flow. 

Kofi Stone continues to impress me and I’m very much watching out for his next moves.

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