Once In A Lifetime Talent REGALJASON Releases Special Debut EP Titled MEGAFAUNA

After the success of his recent single, REGALJASON has dropped his debut EP called MEGAFAUNA, and it has all the charms and authentic characteristics of the artist. 

The EP is entirely written and co-produced by the artist himself and his essence is true in every stage of the 6-track journey. REGALJASON is known for his experimental nature by taking elements from iconic genres such as pop, r&b, soul ,funk and creating something profoundly unique. He successfully executes that by his authentic melodies and charming choruses. Nevertheless, REGALJASON’s thought provoking lyrics are the elevating highlight of the dazzling EP collection. 

The British-Jamaican artist has created his music through traveling all over the world to experience different cultures and environments, getting inspired by his experiences. REGALJASON also has the sense of always being different and original through his work, saying “The most common adjective used to describe my sound is ‘different.’” Catch his latest EP on all platforms. 

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