Paul McCartney Teams Up With PETA for His Birthday

Happy Birthday Paul McCartney! The Beatles legend is turning 78 on June 18, and is also celebrating the 10th anniversary of Glass Walls, a heartbreaking clip in which he dives deep into the meat industry.

“All I’ve ever wanted for my birthday is peace on Earth—including for the animals,” McCartney wrote in a new guest blog for PETA. “That’s why this year I’m urging fans to watch a video I hosted for PETA titled ‘Glass Walls.’ We called it that because if slaughterhouses had glass walls, who would want to eat meat?”

The powerful, stomach-turning video does just that, turning slaughterhouse walls into “glass” and revealing exactly how chickens, turkeys, pigs and fish are slaughtered. The video also feels timely, as the coronavirus continues to spread and the video serves as a reminder that when animals are packed together in filthy conditions, disease runs rampant. Additionally, the meat industry is a major producer of the greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change.

“Whether you’re worried about diseases that spring from slaughterhouses, the animals who suffer terribly and needlessly, or the catastrophic impact of the meat industry on our environment, please watch this short video and share it with your friends,” McCartney said.

Watch the full video below.

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