Paulina Rubio's Video Evolution, From 1992 to Today

It’s Paulina Rubio’s birthday!

“To all my Gemini, I send you a big kiss and I hope you have an incredible birthday,” the Mexican singer shared on Instagram June 8 as she kicked off her birthday month. “I want to thank all of my fans, friends, and family. Thank you for your beautiful words, for always being with me. I feel you and I read you. Thank you to all of my Pau Powers for your unconditional love.”

La Chica Dorada turns 49 on Wednesday (June 17), and she celebrated the day before by sharing a photo of herself relaxing next to an ocean-view pool.

In honor of her birthday, Billboard highlights the singer’s music video evolution from the release of “Mio” in 1992 to “Ya No Me Engañas” in April 2019.

“Mio” (1992)

“Sabor A Miel” (1993)

“Nieva, Nieva” (1993)

“Nada De Ti” (1995)

“Siempre Tuya Desde La Raiz” (1996)

“Solo Por Ti” (1996)

“Lo Hare Por Ti” (2000)

“El Ultimo Adios” (2000)

“Y Yo Sigo Aqui” (2000)

“Yo No Soy Esa Mujer” (2001)

“Tal Vez Quizas” (2001)

“I’ll Be Right Here (Sexual Lover)” (2001)

“Todo Mi Amor” (2002)

“Don’t Say Goodbye” (2002)

“The One You Love” (2002)

“Baila Casanova” (2002)

“Te Quise Tanto” (2004)

“Algo Tienes” (2004)

“Ni Una Sola Palabra” (2006)

“Nada Puede Cambiarme” (2007)

“Ayudame” (2007)

“Causa y Efecto” (2009)

“Ni Rosas, Ni Juguetes” (2009)

“Algo De Ti” (2010)

“Me Gustas Tanto” (2011)

“Boys Will Be Boys” (2011)

“Me Voy” ft. Espinoza Paz (2012)

“Mi Nuevo Vicio” ft. Morat (2015)

“Si Te Vas” (2016)

“Me Quema” (2016)

“Desire (Me Tienes Loquita)” ft. Nacho (2018)

“Suave y Sutil” (2018)

“Ya No Me Engañas” (2019)

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