Walking / Final Hour

Photo Credit: Finn Constantine

Photo Credit: Finn Constantine

Returning with her first release of the year, NAYANA IZ’ ‘Walking / Final Hour’ provides an eclectic mix of the West-London artists versatility over the double single. On the first track ‘Walking’, the NiNE8 Collective singer/rapper brings a playful, jazz-induced instrumental, placing her delicate melodies alongside tongue-in-cheek adlibs, throughout. Bringing us something set apart from her peers, the track seamlessly combines gentle vocals and melody, still kept energetic with its Hip-Hop inspired bounce and alternative approach, making sure her sound is never diluted by genre expectations.

Switching the tone for a darker style, ‘Final Hour’ brings haunting-strings, screeching-synths and delicate, trap-inspired percussion whilst Nayana lays out her melodic flow and imaginative lyrics. Featuring fellow NiNE8 rapper Lorenzorsv, bringing his distinctive delivery, effortlessly flowing over the Grime-infused production. The release comes ahead of her forthcoming debut EP at the end of this month, offering us a taste of the all-encompassing sound she embodies.

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