Phil Johnson Releases New Single: “Blue Code Of Silence” – A Sonic Canvas Of The Black Community’s Life Story

Phil Johnson announces the release of his latest project, a  powerful and inspiring track titled “Blue Code Of Silence,” FT Phil (Tre) 111.
The talented artist has no lack of charisma, with his masterly style on full display on this new single while he is raising awareness among the crowd by showing to his listeners the harsh side of the Black community’s everyday life with struggles to resist the racism and dishonest police brutality. “Blue Code Of Silence,” is a declaration of freedom and independence which is packed in the production of 80s urban-style with a killer pre-chorus to chorus progression.

However, despite its dark theme, and Phil’s reflection of disillusionment with police brutality in modern times, the project is a melodic uplifting Hip-Hop song that has all the potential to crawl its way into playlists across the streaming platforms.

Moreover, we are excited to share with you the visuals that Matalflix Films has created for this song: