Rapsody Releases New Album, ‘Please Don’t Cry’: Listen

Known for intricate lyricism true to the foundation of hiphop, Rapsody is finally back with a full length project after nearly five years.

Her latest, Please Don’t Cry, follows the 2019 album Eve in a commendable fashion — boasting a 22-track experience with features from legends like Erykah Badu and Lil Wayne. If that wasn’t enough, you might find it notable to know that producers like Hit-Boy, Corbett and Eric G have also contributed greatly to the album’s sonic appeal.

The album comes in 6 months after the release of her track with Hit-Boy, titled ‘Asteroids‘, and just a couple weeks after her Erykah Badu feature reveal on ‘3:AM’.

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The rapper had previously teased and discussed the album in depth with Big Boy, who had the chance to listen to the album early. Clearly impressed, Big Boy nudged Rapsody for a revealing discussion on the album’s process. The two talked about the development of the piece, with Rapsody stating how she made over 360 songs in the last four years out of which only 22 have made the cut. Insofar as the songwriting is concerned for the album, the rapper revealed how most of the songs naturally poured out of her. At one point, she created 12 songs in 2 days!

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Speaking about the concept behind the album, Rapsody also admitted to the fact that while the album is called Please Don’t Cry, it is ultimately built to be a conduit for emotional processing; that it is meant to facilitate crying. The album’s trailer, too, gave us a glimpse into this theme — you can check it out here.

As for the album as a whole, here it is!