Saweetie Spices it Up for New Single & Video ‘NANi’: Watch

Coming fresh off the international success of her unexpected last collaboration, ‘Khutti‘ with the popular Indian singer-actor, Diljit Dosanjh, Saweetie is back to spice your summers with her fresh new single — ‘NANi’. The multi-platinum and Grammy-nominated hiphop heartthrob’s bars revolve around bar hopping on this one; quite literally, and rather tastefully so!

The rapper, feeling herself on the record and exuding more confidence than ever before, raps directly to all partygoers; but even more particularly so, to the girlboss-baddies in her fanbase. In Saweetie’s own words, “‘NANi’ is a record about empowering yourself to walk through any room you enter feeling beautiful, confident and unstoppable. Commit to the work, get the bag and have fun doing it!”

With bars like, “Oh, got that Nani, Nani Nani/ How she walk thru swingin’ that body/ Yellin’ who gon’ stop me/ You ain’t got the time to clock me” and “Whole room full of bad bitches, there’s a lot of us”, the rapper clearly intended to create a summer anthem specifically for the talented, ambitious woman.

In fact, a section of Saweetie’s lyrics on this one is an interpolative, almost sample-esque ode to a Lady Gaga interview, where Gaga talks about the hectic part of her life during her come up as a musician. Saweetie echoes Gaga’s sentiments of catching “no sleep” and getting on planes to head to “another club” and well, yet “another club”. The inspiration is made abundantly clear with the catchiest part of the song going, “Plane, sprinter, glam, to the club, backdoor section, shots, another club/ Two shows, one night, what’s that? a hunnid plus….”

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Featuring a minimalist, synth stab based, lush pop production aesthetic, the song is produced by Jean-Baptiste, Karl Rubin, Shawn Wasabi, Ryland Blackington, and Ryan Buendia, who succeeded in their vision of a dancefloor smasher. Released under ICY/Warner Records, the track also comes with a fresh music video directed by Chandler Lass, where Saweetie can be seen causing a sizzle at a pool party with her girls. Check it out below!

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