Rowdy Records Takeover

unnamed-18 Rowdy Records Takeover


ATL TOP 20 CERTIFIED Rowdy Records Takeover begins NOW! Tune in below with back to back singles from Duce Mino & Shac from da 3. “Ice Water” is a smooth mid-tempo banger with a catchy flow and signature style voicing with the raps. The production is solid and the song goes perfectly as a companion to the next track from Shac from the 3 called “50 Dance”. This song is also a mid-tempo banger with a catchy slow flow to the lyrics. The song also has a music video streaming after the jump. Tune in to both songs and the video, let us know what you think in the comments, and stay tuned for more work soon from Rowdy Records!


unnamed-19 Rowdy Records Takeover




unnamed-1-3 Rowdy Records Takeover


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