RU$H – Fendi Don (Album)

Fendi-Don RU$H - Fendi Don (Album)

The hip-hop culture has had a reemergence of east coast sound and the american rapper RU$H has begun his ascendancy to the forefront. The rising rapper from Delaware has been locked in rotation on FM and XM radio stations. The undeniable rise to success has been imminent for the rapper and recording artist. RU$H raised his profile yet again with his studio album Fendi Don which features Tha God Fahim.

His latest album Fendi Don gained him local and national attention and pushed him forward in the rap rotation. Soon to become a household name, RU$H is constantly perfecting his craft and plans on releasing more music soon. You can check out his latest single below. To keep up with RU$H you can follow him on social media @therushrushrush.   

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