Saba and No I.D. Reconnect for “hue_man nature” Single


Following the release of their debut track “Back in Office,” Saba and the “Godfather of Chicago Hip-Hop” No I.D. come together once again for a new single and accompanying visuals titled “hue_man nature.”

The track serves as an appetizer for what’s to come in their upcoming mixtape From the private collection of Saba & No ID.  Backed by a thumping baseline and a lively guitar loop, Saba speaks of his come-up, pointing out the traps he’s avoided and trials he’s overcome. “I was going through it human nature, ” he starts. “You be busy asking me for favors.” Through the process of realizing his vision, switching banks like an amphibian, Saba continues to value his his roots saying, “We ain’t in the street but still adjacent” and “Never leave the team I’m like Damian [Lillard].” Saba delivers his verses with the desert expanse behind him as the sun sets over the horizon.

Saba and No I.D. are united by the belief that the way to build a legacy — one that honors those that came before them while forging new ground — is to not worry too much about being too honest in the moment and let time tell all.

“To be able to have a real career, you have to reinvent your thought process, reinvent your perspective,” No ID explains. “And you can’t do it sitting on the mountaintop, yelling about what you did. You think you know—and then everything changes.

In other news, Ice Spice and Taylor Swift team up in “Karma” remix MV.

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