Shaq, Lil Pump, Jamie Foxx Surprise Viral 5-Year-Old Who Stole Parents’ Car

The Utah child who went viral for jacking his parents’ car to go buy a Lambo got to check out some luxury cars, hang out with Jamie Foxx, and FaceTime with Shaq and Lil Pump in L.A.

Adrian Zamarripa, the 5-year-old boy from Utah who took his parents’ SVU on a quest to cop a Lamborghini last week, just had his dream made into a reality, along with a few celebrity surprises.  after a state trooper stopped the child while he was driving 32 MPH down Interstate 15 on his way to Los Angeles to purchase the luxury car. Although Adrian didn’t make it more than 3 miles from home, the story blew up, and certain California big shots caught wind of it. RD Whittington, celebrity car broker and owner of Wires Only, decided to fly Adrian and his family out to Malibu to visit a luxury car dealership.

Little Adrian got to sit in the drivers’ seat of a ton of fancy whips, including a Ferrari and a Hummer. RD surprised Adrian’s mom with a free car for Mother’s Day, before taking Adrian for a ride down the Pacific Coast Highway. The two of them rolled up to the Hollywood Hills where they stopped by ‘s house, who Adrian met earlier over FaceTime. The three of them goofed around and admired Adrian’s shoes before getting Shaq on FaceTime.

During his visit to the city of angels, Adrian also got to talk with over FT. While he may have had the time of his life on the trip, Adrian did receive some stern warnings from RD. The car broker made him promise to “stay in school” and to wait until he gets a driver’s license before getting behind the wheel next time.

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