Slimelife Shawty Appears To Explain Reason For YSL Plea Deal In Alleged Audio Leak

Last year, Slimelife Shawty and Lil Durk both accepted plea deals to avoid facing trial over their connection to the Atlanta-based YSL. The group, led by Young Thug, has long been deemed a criminal gang by prosecutors and now faces a sprawling RICO trial in Fulton County. However, alleged audio recordings released by News Made It appears to shed more like on why Shawty took the deal. Alongside messages in which Shawty appears to argue that he did it for his family, audio messages appear to drive the message home. “It really made me think – damn, who gonna be there for my kids?,” Shawty can reportedly be heard saying. “I don’t fuck with a n*gga like that. I ain’t gonna be around a n*gga like that,” Shawty allegedly continued. The second comment was in reference when asked if he’s spoken with Durk since the plea.

It is very important to note that aside from the audio, there is nothing officially tying this leak to Shawty. Many people in the comments have accused News Made It of falsifying the audio or manipulating it for the sake of a story. Therefore, at this time, we have to say that this is an alleged leak without much evidence to back it up. Furthermore, News Made It does not appear to be claiming that they are the original source of the audio, meaning it is also unclear where they got it from themselves. This is a developing story and we’ll have any updates as and when they come in.

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YSL Trial Causes More Chaos

Furthermore, it’s been a pretty busy week in regard to the YSL trial and its ever-unfolding consequences. The complex nature of the case has led to the delay of YFN Lucci’s trial. The primary reason for the delay in Lucci’s case is that Lucci is actually part of the YSL case. “YFN Lucci’s trial was due to begin January 9, same as Young Thug’s. The YFN gang and RICO case is just as wide-ranging as the YSL case,” Chidi tweeted. “The two are connected; Lucci is a witness,” tweeted journalist George Chidi. “And here we go. For clarification: Lucci is on the state’s witness list. That doesn’t mean he’s going to testify, but he could still be called. Don’t @ me with questions about snitching. I don’t care.”

However, it’s the possibility that Lucci could be called to testify means that his trial cannot start. Prosecutors would not want to begin only to be postponed if he was called to testify in the YSL case. This comes as more twists emerge in the YSL case. Last week, a warrant was ordered on the laptop of attorney Eric Johnson. Johnson had been accused of allowing one of his clients, Christian Eppinger, to use his laptop to contact people and YSL contacts outside of prison. Previously, the investigation into Eppinger’s conduct led to the arrest of a Fulton County deputy, who was reportedly in a romantic relationship with Eppinger. Given the chaotic state of the YSL trial, it’s unclear how long Lucci’s trial will remain delayed.

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