Sett Drops A 29-Song Double Disc Album “Life Of A SlimeCrook”

Southern trap artist Sett burst onto the rap scene just a little bit ago, but he is here with plenty of music for the masses. In fact, it is a two-disc project with 29 songs on it, a tall task for a new artist to tackle. However, with a co-sign from Atlanta legend, Gucci Mane, he was able to grab some big names for his debut album, Life of a SlimeCrook. Those include Gucci, NLE Choppa, producer Tay Keith, and Rob49, among others.

The subjects tackled on this effort are nothing too different from the typical trap topics. Violence, money, and bragging are all here, along with Sett’s commanding tone. Some songs that stuck out were the songs featuring Choppa and Gucci. “Cottonwood to South Vegas”, which talks about where Sett is from, and “Break Out Date Cake” are energetic and head-knocking bangers.

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Who Is Sett?

Now, that we know what this debut is all about, who is Sett? His government name is Kaimon Carwell and is from Memphis, Tennessee. More specifically, he is from the South Vegas neighborhood of Memphis. Just last year, Sett was signed to Gucci Mane’s The New 1017 label. Furthermore, the rapper has released numerous collaborations with Guwop and his fellow 1017 labelmates.

What are your thoughts on this debut album, Life of a SlimeCrook, by Sett? Have you heard of any of his singles or this project, if so what are your favorites by him? Is he going to be an artist to blow up or remain underground? We want to hear what you have to say, so be sure to leave all of your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below. Additionally, keep it locked with HNHH for all the hottest album releases and breaking news around the music world.

Life of a SlimeCrook Tracklist:

Disc 1

  1. SlimeCrook Intro
  2. Call My Bluff
  3. Mr. FTO with Tay Keith
  4. Lawless
  5. He Ain’t
  6. 7.2 (feat. Rob49)
  7. Teamo with Tay Keith
  8. Glock on SeTT (feat. Key Glock)
  9. 300
  10. Piss Sett Off
  11. Cottonwood to South Vegas (feat. NLE Choppa)
  12. Fear God
  13. Thumbs Down (feat. NoCap)
  14. 2 for 1
  15. Spinning (feat. CO3)
  16. Above the Rim
  17. South to the 8 (feat. Action Pack)
  18. Snap
  19. Last Hook with Tay Keith

Disc 2

  1. South Vegas Drive
  2. Switches
  3. Take Down
  4. Snap (feat. Finesse2tymes)
  5. Back to the Block
  6. They Fightin
  7. Don’t Play Dat
  8. 1 of 1 with Mac Critter, KATO2X
  9. First Day in the A
  10. Break Out Dat Cake with Gucci Mane

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