Travis Scott’s “UTOPIA” Ties With “ASTROWORLD” For His Longest-Running No. 1 Album

Travis Scott’s UTOPIA reigns atop the Billboard 200 albums chart once again, cinching its third week at the No. 1 spot. Moreover, this reflects continued interest and playback for the long-awaited project, which didn’t please everyone but certainly provoked a lot of conversation. In fact, if it goes number one for another week, then La Flame will beat his personal best when it comes to chart-topping albums. His previous full-length, ASTROWORLD, also spent three straight weeks dominating the charts, so we’ll see if UTOPIA beats it out within another week or so. While it hasn’t matched the sheer sales numbers of the 2018 LP during their first weeks, it would still be quite impressive.

Also, many might point out that Travis Scott doesn’t necessarily have a whole lot of albums to compete with in his work. After all, there are only four studio albums to work with, all of which garnered astonishing commercial success. Regardless, this plays with the narrative of which one is his best, a debate that will likely never cease to intrigue fans. You might not love UTOPIA, but the “I KNOW ?” MC definitely created a moment with it that he keeps turning into a milestone.

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UTOPIA & ASTROWORLD Tied For La Flame’s Longest-Running No. 1 Project

Meanwhile, if you look at UTOPIA‘s physical record sales, then this Billboard dominance should come as no surprise. Furthermore, the album beat its own record that it set just weeks prior for the biggest vinyl sales week (93K copies) for a hip-hop album in recorded history. The conversation around bundles inflating these numbers and other considerations hasn’t died down, which slightly taints these accomplishments in many’s eyes. Still, with five covers to collect, Travis Scott isn’t exactly making that subtle.

Travis Scott Beats His Own Vinyl Sales Record

As such, a lot of conversation among fans surrounding UTOPIA is focused on the music itself, because commercial success kind of comes with the territory. Tracks like “MY EYES” and “DELRESTO (ECHOES)” make for some of the most unique in his discography, although many compared the tracklist to many other artists’ work. People are still debating about their favorites and revisiting them, and that longevity’s starting to show up in the charts in a big way. With that in mind, come back to HNHH for the latest news and updates on Travis Scott.

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