‘SPY x FAMILY’ Season 2 and Anime Film Release Dates Confirmed


First revealed in last December’s Jump Festa’ 23, fans of SPY x FAMILY are already in the know for the popular anime series’ return this year. Now, the show’s official website has just confirmed the release dates for the TV anime’s second season, as well as the premier date of its first-ever animated film.

The new animated season of Tatsuya’s Endo’s popular manga is set to air in October across Japan. Kazuhiro Furuhashi has been confirmed to reprise his directorial role, and the new season will continue to be animated by WIT STUDIO and CloverWorks. Given the approach of the previous season, it is speculated that season two will be split into two cours.

Set to premiere on December 22, the movie SPY x FAMILY Code: White will center around a new and original story. Tatsuya Endo is credited for the original story and character designs, while also serving to supervise the overall project. Meanwhile, Takashi Katagiri, assistant director for both seasons of the anime, is appointed as director for the movie. In line with the TV anime, the movie will also be animated by WIT STUDIO and CloverWorks.

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