ST3PH – Vibes [Stream]

Producer and rapper ST3PH brings nimble, piercing production, vivacious lyricism and convivial grooves on new single ‘Vibes’. An artist of Jamaican and Mauritian heritage, ST3PH uses his wealth of life experiences and cultural diversity to forge a contemporary, pioneering sound. Drawing on eclectic influences – ranging from reggae to grime to garage – the established producer blesses the listener with buoyant, feel good vibes and expertly crafted artistry on this new cut.

On the dance-inducing instrumental, the influence of garage is clear, with the shuffled breakbeat rhythm and syncopated hi-hats combining with a chopped up vocal sample, which are complimented by some hazy electric piano chords. The mix is snappy and piercing, whilst remaining warm and rich. ST3PH shows his craft on the mic, offering innovative delivery and deft, unique flows that merge together seamlessly with the garage fused instrumental. The bars are punchy and profound, with the artists razor sharp wit going head to head with the prickly production.

An immensely enjoyable and masterfully constructed track, ST3PH shows himself to be a top talent, whose versatility and creativity could take him to some exciting places. 

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