Steve Edwards Releases Born, A 10-Track Collection Fusing Modernity & Soulful Rock

Acclaimed singer-songwriter Steve Edwards releases his new projects, the LP titled Born, home to ten graceful songs. This soulful collection is a clear representation of Edwards’ journey in life. Stepping away from his musical roots, Edwards mixed a myriad of genres to successfully create a tracklist that is both eclectic and sonically impactful in its innovative style. 

Prior to releasing the full LP, Edwards had offered a glimpse of what was coming our way by unveiling “Fallen” and “Colour of Blood,” both streamed hundreds of thousands of times on Spotify and even much more on YouTube!

The single “Born” followed, offering music lovers a magnificent take on how to blend modernity with the golden era of rock ballads. “Fall from grace” and “I’ll take the moon” are some of the most beautiful slow-paced songs we’ve come across lately, shedding light on the emotion-triggering vocal performance Steve Edwards is capable of coming-up with every single time. “Happysad” is a powerful single that shares some of the deepest thoughts on both these radically opposite emotions when felt almost simultaneously. 

Giving us goosebumps with his smooth vocals, Steve Edwards sings from the heart over wonderfully composed tunes. Despite taking a break from music at some point in his life, what is most remarkable in his story is his love for music, and the insane passion he has for it. We will be keeping a close eye on this rising superstar, as he is just getting back to his one and only calling.

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