Taz Taylor Threatens Artists With Legal Action For Not Paying His Producers

Internet Money producer and executive boss Taz Taylor is fed up with artist leeching off of the record label’s talent. Specifically, he took to social media early today (Monday, October 30) to voice some grievances with other musicians failing to pay these producers while profiting off of their creativity. If you’re unfamiliar with this rap collective, check out recent hits like “I Remember” with Roddy Ricch and Kodak Black, plus their We All We Got EP with Lil Yachty, Yeat, LUCKI, and more. With this massive success in mind, it’s natural that its leading figure feels cheated by other artists not valuing and respecting their hard work.

“y’all gone start respecting the producer,” Taz Taylor expressed on his Instagram Story. “as y’all see with tiktok… we don’t even need y’all fr. beats going viral and streaming more than most songs nowadays. imagine 2 years.” “if u got any uncleared IM beats on ya album and we been hitting you since FEB to pay we will def be taking those songs down,” he continued on Twitter. “done playing wit y’all. idc who u are, ya MGMT is, or ya label is. i don’t need y’all money. it’s just disrespectful to have people waiting for almost a year while y’all collect $ off songs. y’all don’t want me to start exposing artists or label names cause i personally DGAF.” “it’s about to get ugly ugly boy,” the beatmaker captioned in his IG repost of these tweets, making his stance very clear on every platform.

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Taz Taylor’s Original Posts

What’s more is that his rant didn’t stop there. “idk gang [good hearted people] working in like hospitals and s**t,” Taz Taylor replied to a fan inquiring about them in the industry. “i feel like a lot of people get into the industry with good hearts and want to do the best. but since everybody else is a piece of s**t it kinda becomes the standard after a while. cowards who would s**t themselves in a studio when it’s time to make music hide behind net30 payment windows and make holiday excuses thru emails when it’s time to be paid.” In addition, people felt that he maybe directed this at a specific person. “really?” Taylor responded to a fan who suggested this. “i have 25 names of artists and labels that haven’t paid us yet.… for songs that’s BEEN out gang.”

The Internet Money Boss Is Standing On Business: Read More Tweets

Meanwhile, it seems like all of this is actually working out for Internet Money. “already half of the artists and labels team handling business in record time of 2 hours,” he updated on Twitter. “if i would of known this we wouldn’t of been responding ‘??????’ in emails since FEB.” Hopefully the “No Handoutz” artists continue to get what the game owes them. On that note, stay up to date on HNHH for more news and the latest updates on Taz Taylor and Internet Money.

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