This Land Rover Discovery 300 TDi Camel Trophy From 1997 Could Be Yours


The Camel Trophy was an off-road vehicle-focused competition that was hosted every year between 1980 and 2000. Land Rover was the official sponsor of the event for 19 years, which resulted in positive publicity for its automobiles and the overall brand as they proved worthy of handling the contest’s extreme terrain and weather conditions. And now one Land Rover Discovery 300 TDi Camel Trophy has resurfaced from the 1997 competition in Mongolia has resurfaced. The best part? It could be yours.

This one of 20 4×4 machine is prepared with a myriad of aesthetic and functional details. Its playful paint job is anchored by a golden yellow hue and comes adorned with Land Rover logos beneath the rear-most side windows, Sony insignias and Camel Trophy emblems on the driver and passenger doors. Additionally, teal and white mountain ranges, along with “Mongolia ‘97” text hits grace the lower ends of the doors to call out the Camel Trophy event. Additionally, the car is equipped with GPS, a compass, a map reader, seat covers rubber mats and a roof rack that can secure kayaks and mountain bikes. The boot features storage boxes that hold a pair of gloves and official stickers (new and vintage) from the competition.

Bidding is open now via Artcurial through February 3, 2023.

For other news, Tesla’s Cybertruck won’t enter production until 2024.

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