Todd James Presents ‘LITTLE GOODY TWO SHOES’ at Over the Influence Paris


Fresh off another exhibition with NANZUKA, American artist Todd James brings his colorful military-inspired artwork to Over the Influence (OTI) in Paris.

LITTLE GOODY TWO SHOES comprises of five paintings that present a new emerging style, namely, vividly saturated figures that blend with one another and are accentuated by stippling shading that adds a pop to James’ two-dimensional figures. Emblematic of his career, the artist continues to depict woman as a central subject, along with various themes tied to warfare, such as military uniforms and weaponry.

For the first time, the exhibition will also debut James’ pen and ink on paper studies that are as much a celebration of 1970s artists, from R. Crumb to Peter Saul, as well as providing a commentary on war. “In a western world that regularly sweeps the
atrocity of war under the rug, James’ work never fails to address the elephant in the room that is American Empire,” wrote a release by the gallery.

James’ latest show will be on view at OTI Paris until June 10.

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Over the Influence
2 Rue des Saussaies
75008 Paris, France

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