TwoCeez Releases Brand New Visuals For Rap Number “One Of A Kind”

Skilled wordsmith TwoCeez, best known as Chilly Chillz, is dropping brand new visuals for his rap track “One Of A Kind.” The track is listed on his latest album, Community Service. The charismatic rapper is going stronger by the day, and his rap flow proves it better than any other facts. Surgically precise and visionary, he doesn’t forget his roots and through his music, fights for the rights of the millions of people he addresses his music to. Through his personal experiences, he reaches universal topics of injustice and violence, and wants to elevate everyone who comes across with his music, by transcending victimization and taking control over their destinies. Powerfully relatable, everything he’s been doing lately point to the same direction; greatness. 

As we all know, the legends who marked people’s spirits are the ones who not only execute their art with a flawless technique, but those who pair these skills with substance, and TwoCeez is one of the few rappers of his generation who can claim both these aspects. 

If you haven’t yet, go check his powerhouse rap track and music video “One Of A Kind” down below:

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