Valid and Stretch Money share retro-infused single and video for “Game Film”

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Ahead of their upcoming LP Bill & Isiah, Detroit veterans Valid and Stretch Money drop off a new single and video for “Game Film”. The potent, sharply-crafted song harkens back to 80s cinema with classic references laced between clever bars and slick flows, while the accompanying visual does well to enhance its themes with VHS-style shots and retro sports settings. The duo once again demonstrate their ability to pull together all the elements it takes to make a cohesive statement, with “Game Film” expanding upon their personal passions while also connecting to fans through its vivid imagery and nostalgic feel. 

With playful yet stylish verses and feathery, focused production, “Game Film” has all that it takes to classify as a modern hip-hop banger. With trap-infused percussion, airy harps, and surreal strings, the song conjures a unique atmosphere and gives space for the two emcees to shine, while the video, directed by Jerry Reid brings out its themes and moods coherently across warm shots.

As far as the song’s inspiration, Valid mentioned to Stretch that an idea came to him for them to do a record referencing classic 80s movie titles, scenes, and phrases. As he was saying it out loud, it came to him instantly that sports team’s study game film. “Stretch, I got it. To stay true to the concept of the album, we watch game film like sports teams do, but our game film is these classic gangsta’ ass 80s flicks.” Stretch saw the picture painted clearly, and the two went to work on top of the Eddie Logix score. The two MCs would end up penning what both would consider some of their proudest works, and a legit ode to the VHS era.

Overall, “Game Film” showcases Valid and Stretch Money’s ability to bring together all the elements necessary to make a cohesive statement. The duo’s unique sound and style continue to resonate with fans, and their latest offering is no exception. Be sure to check out “Game Film” on all DSPs to experience Valid and Stretch Money at their very best. Detroit hip-hop veterans Valid and Stretch Money have released a brand new single and video titled “Game Film” ahead of their upcoming LP, Bill & Isiah.

Take a listen to “Game Film” on all platforms and familiarize yourself with Valid and Stretch Money.

Take a listen to “Game Film” on all DSPs HERE.

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