Viva Friday Playlist: New Music by Christian Nodal With Sebastián Yatra, Sharlene’s Debut & More

Viva Friday is a compilation of the best new Latin songs, albums and videos recommended by the Billboard Latin editors.

Christian Nodal & Sebastián Yatra – “Esta Noche” (Universal Music Latino Entertainment)

Once again, Christian Nodal joins forces with a pop artist and, this time, it's Sebastian Yatra who teamed up with the Regional Mexican singer to release “Esta Noche” (Tonight). This first collaboration between the stars unites two genres that for years have conquered the Latin audience. And although this collaboration has not crossed our minds before, the truth is that their voices, clothing style and even their personalities are very well-matched. “Esta Noche” is a ballad mixed with ranchero sounds, which is a great combination to balance Latin music, especially when the urban genre is leading. — SUZETTE FERNANDEZ

Sharlene, Viaje (Universal Music Latino Entertainment)

In recent years, we have seen how women have made strides in the Latino market, and Dominican singer Sharlene is part of that movement. Her debut album Viaje (Travel) is made up of songs that represent her culture, modern urban rhythms and her own personality. Sharlene knew how to give a balance to the lyrics making sure her songs were to the liking of a general audience. For the first time, the artist shows different vocal abilities. Sharlene can conquer with her sweet voice, but she surprises by rapping, as she does on "Aerofobia" or "Manuela" (with Farina and Tainy). Also, singing some lines in English, like on "San Pedro" (with Zion & Lennox). The 12-track album also includes collaborations with Nacho, Mariah and Fuego, among others. Listen to the full album below. — SF

Francisca Valenzuela – "Flotando"

With her distinctive sugary vocals, Chilean singer Francisca Valenzuela kicks off 2020 with her new single "Flotando" (floating). The first 36 seconds opens with an enthralling piano melody before converting to a catchy pop song. With heartfelt lyrics such as "How was I able to find you?/ Something unites us" and "You and me, deep down, our love is love," Valenzuela croons about two people who have chemistry so strong that it makes them feel like they're floating. The music video, which shows the Chilean songstress daydreaming while she prepares for a show, captures the essence of the sweet lyrics. "Flotando" marks Valenzuela's return to her pop sound after testing the Latin urban waters with her single "Heroe," released in September 2019. — JESSICA ROIZ

Espinoza Paz – "Vanidosa" (Sony Music Latin)

After a strong promotion on social media that began during the holidays, Espinoza Paz presents his new single "Vanidosa," which translates to vain. The banda ballad calls out all those selfish women who would rather focus on their looks than spend time nourishing their relationship. "Vain woman, it’s all over/ I can’t be the only one who tries/ You’re cold like Canada/ What you want is your freedom," Paz sings on the track, which was recorded in his very own 10.29 Studios in Mazatlán, Mexico. Filmed in the sunny Californian deserts, the music video portrays the lyrics to a T, showing Paz singing the song as his lady looks at herself in the mirror. The Mexican crooner also flaunts a new look, showing off his half-blonde, half-brunette hairdo. "Vanidosa" forms part of Paz's upcoming studio album La Joya, set for a February release. — JR