Watch Boston Dynamics’ Atlas Robot Work Construction


After Atlas robots were shown parkouring through a complex obstacle course, jumping over gaps, balancing on narrow beams, and performing backflips in a 2021 video, new footage has now been released by American robotics company Boston Dynamics showing the humanoid robots manipulating the world around it.

The last time Atlas was seen in a video, the robots didn’t have hands that could grip objects. The main focus was initially put on the legs with arm movement solely used for balance. However, this time, Atlas is now seen with crab claw-style hands and wrist mobility. In the short demonstration, Atlas is placed in a construction worksite environment and is asked to move objects around to get to its end destination. Atlas is seen moving planks to create a bridge, throwing a bag full of two 10-pound weights, pushing over a large wooden box, and performing an impressive double quark flip.

The new capabilities continue to push the limits of locomotion, sensing, and athleticism as Atlas is put to work. The hope is for the new abilities to have real-world applications in fields such as manufacturing, factory work, construction, and disaster response. Take a look at the “Inside the Lab” video below for more insight into the project.

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