Yo Gotti Says He Treats JAY-Z’s Albums “Like Books”

Yo Gotti says that he consumes JAY-Z’s albums as if they are books. He discussed his respect for the legendary rapper during a recent interview on Big Boy’s Neighborhood.

“I study Jay. When Jay put out albums, they like books for me,” he said on the show. “So for a young hustler, a real hustler who understands what he talking about when he’s saying certain things – that’s my information. That’s my research catalogue. If you the right hustler, you gon’ pick up on something.”

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Yo Gotti & JAY-Z At The Grammys

He continued: “If you just listening, you just listening. It might go over your head. Or under your head. I feel like some of my experiences and some of the things I’m seeing and learning, I’m putting it in the music.” Elsewhere in the interview, Gotti discussed his new mixtape, I Showed U So, his relationship with Angela Simmons, and much more. Check out Yo Gotti’s full comments on JAY-Z below from his interview with Big Boy.

Yo Gotti Discusses JAY-Z


It’s not the first time Gotti has shared his respect for JAY-Z. While taking a controversial position in favor of 360 deals in music, he quoted JAY-Z on the Earn Your Leisure podcast, last month. “I feel like business is business, right? Going back to what I was saying about myself and my younger days, in my younger business ventures, I think business is business. I think Hov said, ‘What’s 100 percent of 0?’ Right, so to me, you ain’t thinking logical when you think you get everything and nobody get nothing from you. That’s not common sense, bro.” Gotti and JAY-Z also recently teamed up to work on the documentary, Exposing Parchman. Yo Gotti’s new project, I Showed U So, is available now.

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