BL Lucky Brings The Streets To Life On “Harvest Season”

IMG_5530 BL Lucky Brings The Streets To Life On “Harvest Season”

There isn’t one artist we’ve come across that has had a bigger 2020 than BL Lucky. His success last year had nothing to do with numbers and everything to do with hard work. The Georgia-based MC came alive in 2020, making his debut across all major platforms. 

Releasing 2 EPs and 3 singles in his first year as an artist, BL Lucky showed that he’s been working hard in the studio. BL Lucky has been able to capture the attention of thousands of listeners, bringing his life in the streets into the light. Nowhere is this more evident than on a recent release of his EP “Aurora.” The artists use a plethora of different styles to bring home a message. A standout track that has caught the attention of his fans is “Harvest Season.” 

Starting out with a sample-based instrumental, the beat is a familiar choice of sound by Lucky. The 808 kick in about 22 seconds in, almost giving Lucky a green light to start spitting his hood poetry. With real sincere lyrics, smart flow switches, and an overall heartfelt performance, BL Lucky gives us a small taste of his life in the streets. 

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